The protection of companies and people depends on the training of cybersecurity professionals.

Data from a recent workforce report shows that the entire world has a high demand for cybersecurity professionals, but the market is unable to train the necessary workforce to meet the demand.

We are a company focused on educating cybersecurity professionals.

About Konnio

We were born out of a need to offer quality training that can take our students to the job market in the shortest possible time.

Fabio Sobiecki, our founder, has worked in the information security market for many years and, talking to friends, noticed that there were barriers to entry for new information security professionals. With this in mind, he started his first training called Blue Team Academy training, to start taking new professionals to the market.


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    Career in Information Security

    Quick guide on how you can start planning your career in information security.

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    Information Security Salary: Everything you need to know

    Find out the current salaries of information security professionals and the different areas of activity in which you can also work.

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    300,000 internet hosts are vulnerable to new DoS attack

    Researchers at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, in Germany, have released details of a new denial of service (DoS) attack vector, which exploits vulnerabilities in protocols based on UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

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