Blue Team Academy

Information security is one of the areas of technology with great demand in Brazil and abroad.

You can be a security analyst, even starting from scratch.

I will guide you through fundamental security knowledge, explaining how the blue team security analyst does to protect companies and people from technology risks.

About the Instructor

Fabio Sobiecki has been a security consultant for over 16 years, working on security projects in Brazil, Latin America, the United States and Europe.

In this training, he will teach in the same way that he trained several established professionals today in companies such as IBM, Oracle, Google and Facebook.


  1. Introduction to Information Security
    • Introduction to Information Security
  2. Governance, Risk and Compliance
    • Governance and Risk
    • Information Security Compliance
    • The Governance, Risk and Compliance Department
  3. Data Security
    • Data Security
    • Data Integrity
    • Cryptography and Confidentiality
    • Digital Signature, Digital Certificate and Tools
    • Backups, Secure Disposal and Data Attacks
  4. Access Control
    • Access Control
    • Auditing and Access Federation
    • Access Provisioning
    • Privileged Users
  5. Network and Telecomunications Security
    • Infrastructure and Network Security
    • Network Protection Resources I
    • Network Protection Resources II
    • Technology Infrastructure Security
    • Network Services and Known Attacks
  6. Software Security
    • Software Security
    • Custom Developed Software
    • Data Security in Software and Tests
    • Security Software – Other Activities
  7. Endpoint Security
    • Endpoint Security
    • Desktop Endpoint Security
    • Endpoint Security Services
  8. Physical Security
    • Physical Security
    • Other Topics of Physical Security
    • Data Physical Security
    • Monitoring Physical Security
  9. Cloud Security
    • Cloud Security
    • Cloud Security Differences
    • Cloud Security Access Controls
    • Cloud Security Protection and Compliance
  10. Security Intelligence
    • Security Intelligence and Operation
    • Detecting and Preparing for the Attacks
    • Attacks Anatomy
    • Security Operational Controls
  11. Incident Response
    • Incident Response
    • Other Response Plans
    • Other Support Tools
    • Recycling Plans
  12. Professional Ethics
    • Ethics
    • Resources used on Ethics
  13. Hiring Process for Information Security Positions
    • Hiring Process
    • Searching Positions
    • Hiring Steps and Negotiation
    • Working Abroad in Information Security
  14. Mentorship
    • Mentorship for hiring process