Discover the Main Trends of RSA Conference 2024: AI, Data Governance, and Much More!

Discover the Main Trends of RSA Conference 2024: AI, Data Governance, and Much More!

At the RSA Conference 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) dominated discussions, reflecting its integration into cybersecurity tools and the associated risks, such as cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns. "Shadow AI" was highlighted, emphasizing the unauthorized use of AI tools. Data governance was also a central theme, with the need for effective policies to meet compliance standards. The concept of "zero trust" lost focus this year. Security budgets were widely discussed, highlighting the impact of budget cuts on cybersecurity.

The presence of AI is no surprise, but a year ago, there were still many doubts about its impact on cybersecurity. This year, AI was the most popular topic in educational sessions and demonstrations, with over 100 sessions addressing the subject. The dual nature of generative AI, used both to detect and prevent attacks and by cybercriminals, worried many professionals.

The concept of "shadow AI" was mentioned several times, mainly by CISOs concerned about the unauthorized use of AI tools. The challenge is to separate generative AI from other types of AI, as the technology is not new, but the hype around it needs to be balanced with more productive discussions about better predictive models.

Data governance was another frequent topic, with professionals highlighting the need to know the data and create policies to meet compliance standards. The absence of the "zero trust" concept this year was notable, as it was the most discussed topic in 2023. The security budget was another crucial point, with budget cuts threatening the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures.

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